February 21st, 2013

I still feel a bit shaken, and of course massively devastated. We just got burglarised! We have been staying in our new house for a little over 3 months and already, we are suffering from this horrific experience.
At 5:00 AM a while ago, I woke up to find my bags missing. I usually keep my bags beside my bed as they would contain some cash from school payments. I got instantaneously nervous, though, I didn’t want to believe it would be possible at first.So I went downstairs thinking that I may have left them there. Lo and behold, I saw our living room door ajar and that’s when I started to panic like crazy. I woke up my hubby so he went down to check. He then confirmed my suspicion- we have just been burglarised.
Scattered in the garden are the contents of my bags- good thing they left the bag which was actually more expensive than all the contents put together. At that moment, I didn’t know whether to cry or not. My legs were shaking, my heart was beating fast. I’m thinking of all the tuition money that was stolen and I feel more terrible. We also realized that the damn burglar even took my addictions- my iPhone and iPad, plus the new telpad that came with our PLDT line. Everywhere, the awful person left signs of his horrible presence- dirty handprints, footprints, and even a disgusting lump of crap. Talk about adding insult to injury.
To document everything, we called the authorities. After being passed around in like 3 police stations, I talked to this policeman in Bacolor. We waited for another 2 hours before they came. It was a futile move. They didn’t even inspect the dozens of human marks left behind by the burglar. Sometimes I think the burglar intentionally left physical evidences to mock the owners- they are probably saying that we can’t do anything about it anyways.
Right about now, we are still on the ‘detraumatizing’ stage. It’s going to be hard but we can’t do anything right now but to improve our security. Lesson learned- don’t be complacent. We should always be on the paranoid side. I didn’t know why I did not wake up that night but as many people have said- it was probably for the better. Who knows what could have happened.

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Nars Orgasm

January 8th, 2013

Just recently, one of my bestest best friend sent me my ultimate dream blusher- Nars Orgasm.

I will be doing a review about it in the coming days- I believe my simple comment about the product would be of interest to other Asian and mulatto-ish women out there who want to know if this blusher is right for them.

Watch out for this!

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I’m Back!

January 8th, 2013

2013 New Year’s Resolution– blog! blog! blog!
Hello! It’s been months since my last post. My netbook retired for a while and thank God, hubby-the-techie, was able to restore it back to life again. I’ve been trying to consider the iPad for blogging but not so much so since I cannot attach photos.
My last post was all about Instagram and yes, I’ve been quite busy with it. Before all this instagramming thing I was hoping to convert my blog into something like a photo-blog-thingy. That idea seems to be more appealing right now given my sudden addiction to IG.

For IG lovers interested to see my simple gallery you can FOLLOW me–> Tinokla

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Tinokla is Instagramming

August 9th, 2012

I’ve had my instagram account for maybe 5 months now, but it is only of late that I’ve gotten really active in it.  My growing insta-interest is partly due to my friend’s encouragement.  She urged me also to practice the art of ‘tagging’ to gain more likers, commentators, and followers.

I am still not so keen about all this instagramming thing.  For one, tagging in the iPad (the device I use since my iPhone is lowtech lol) is cumbersome.  I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to copy-paste my good ol pal’s tags to save me from stress.  Anyways, I really find tagstagrammers website really helpful in this area.  They have tagging templates ready for copy-pasting.  So, that’s what I mostly do.

Anyway, my motivation level is at its peak right now after I bagged IGPinay’s photo of the day contest.  The theme was- Toys.

Yey, I am one of four winners of IGPinay’s “toys” theme contest!

This challenge was easy for me- with three girls, toys around the house aren’t that hard to find. But of course, since this was a competition, better bring out the best goods. These toys are no simple and easy to find toys mind you. They are carefully and beautifully crafted out of a safe-type of wood. They are really cool, a must-have for your little girl’s playroom.

Anyway, here’s a close up of my winning picture :)

My winning pic. Not bad, eh? I used hubby’s Nikon DSLR for this.

Again, thanks to IGPinay and to my fellow IGers!
(Pls follow tinokla on instagram :-) )

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Zara Large Rigid Shopper

July 28th, 2012

On his one-week stay in Dubai, hubby bought this for me for a ‘pasalubong’. He knows I love bags and given financial considerations, he was able to address my weakness without breaking the bank.

To give you an idea as to how big it is, here it is beside my Alma.

I’ve never had a Zara purse. I see Zara more as a clothing brand. Nonetheless, it does not disappoint. It’s an eye-catching bag. My friends love it and I have grown fond of it, too, mainly because of its sturdiness, spaciousness, leathery feel, and aesthetic appeal.

I’d easily vote this for a functional mommy and office bag. It’s 15% polyutherane and 85% cow leather. Thus, explaining the strong leathery smell and feel.

This bag can be carried 2 ways. I prefer the long shoulder strap. This design is from Zara’s Spring Summer 2012 collection. It debuted at Php8590. Paulo got it on sale at Zara-Dubai Mall for Php3000. Now, it’s on sale at Php1990. This news made him a bit upset though :)

At 5 feet flat, it is a bit bulky for me. But I don’t mind. My multiple responsibilities require me to carry loads of stuff. Plus, I don’t feel guilty overstuffing it. I know that it’s strong enough to hold.

I prefer to use the long shoulder strap because it looks way too big if I carry it using the two shorter handles.

As I’ve said, I’ve grown to love this bag. Frankly, it screams attention. I’ve gotten more praises for this compared to my more expensive purses. When we talk of functionality, this no doubt, is at the top of my fave bag’s list. Thanks hubby! (for your next trip, however, I do expect an LV)

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In2it Twister Lip Gloss in Applause

July 9th, 2012

I couldn’t help it but whenever I pass by In2it, I have this itching feeling to test and eventually purchase one (or more, if the budget allows it) of its products. What can I say, I’m totally IN2IT! I mean,these guys really know what they are doing. They’ve never let me down, not even once! Anyways, here is my recent love from my most favorite and super trusted make-up brand- In2it Twister Lip Gloss.

In2it Twister Lip Gloss in Applause- I believe this is the reddest and darkest shade. I have a penchant for red lippies!

This is how a new tube looks like. That white part is like the spongy thingy that absorbs the tint so you can spread it evenly on your lips. It is appropriately shaped like a lipstick- for easy application.

As the name implies, you have to twist it until those tiny colors pop up! Then you can start applying. Twist and twist until you achieve your desired amount of gloss and tint.

I love the color- it’s red in a subtle kind of way. For days when I am longing for color and moisture, I will definitely turn to this lip gloss. It is easy to use- not messy at all! Plus it keeps the lips soft and moisturized.

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Palawan Trip 2012 – A Photo Blog

July 1st, 2012

Boarding Air Asia. Destination: Puerto Princesa

Kids’ first time on a plane. *Excited much*

After an hour, we landed safely in Puerto Princesa Airport.

Ysabelle Mansion picks us up from the airport. How convenient!

Ysabelle Mansion- where we will stay for the next 3days and 2 nights.

I chose Ysabelle because of their big, cozy, and comfortable family room.

Balinsasayaw made me love Palawan more.

Delicious and affordable. Their Balinsasayaw rice is to die for.

Left kids with grandma at Ysabelle’s, me and hubby enjoying a night cap at Tiki Restobar.

Up early for Honda Bay Island Hopping.

Gearing up for island hopping.

Waiting for the boat.

Boarding our banka.

On the boat enroute Pambato Reef

Snorkling at Pambatu Reef- Amber freaking out. Hubby says, we looked like stranded passengers of sunken ship.

Next stop, Starfish Island. More snorkeling here.

At Isla Pandan- this is the best place to snorkel!

Dinner at Badjao Seafront Resto

Food is OK, ambiance is perfect!

Affordable food. They really know how to cook their seafood in Palawan.

They said that this is the only restaurant in Palawan visited by a certain royalty (I can’t remember the name)

Gimik again at the Kinabuch’s.

Was hoping to eat the famous tamilok or wood worm but they were out of stock! We opted for crocodile instead. Delicious!

Trip won’t be complete without visiting the Church.

Pasalubong and south sea pearl time at the market!

Goodies and picture-taking at the Baker’s Hill.

Crocodiles galore at the Crocodile Farm

Before our flight back to Angeles City, we ate our lunch at the famous KaLui’s. Ambience was so nice and homey, we had to eat barefoot!

Great food, great place.

Home-bound now, destination- DMIA in Pampanga!

Home sweet home. See you again, soon Palawan!

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Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream

July 1st, 2012

In my quest to find the best BB to replace my Missha Perfect cover, I got a batch of these testers from an ebay seller. It is my first time to try out Etude House. When I hear or see this brand, it reminds me of Sandara Park.*iPad only photo

Swatch on hand. Seems light at first, but soon blends in with the color of the skin. Shade of this is #1 which is the lightest. I find the consistency nice, creamy, and blendable. It has a powdery baby scent which is OK for me.*iPad only photo

My fresh from the shower face.*iPad only photo

I put moderate amounts of Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream. The spots on my face were concealed a bit. I love the coverage of this BB cream- bordering in between light to heavy as compared to others.*iPad only photo

This BB cream is easily one of my favorites so far. This is my daytime look for the day- BB cream, in2it Sheer Shimmer Blush, Nichido eyebrow cake, Tonymoly gel eyeliner, and my EB pink flame matte lipstick. Simple, clean, perfect for a day time wear.

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Louis Vuitton Artsy MM in Monogram Canvas

June 29th, 2012

On our trip to Palawan, I chose to bring my Louis Vuitton Artsy MM in Monogram Canvas. I thought it would be a suitable bag for a mommy toting a baby while traveling. It didn't disappoint.

As you can see, it's a pretty convenient bag to tote around even with a baby. It's spacious and big enough to carry lots of baby stuff. However, I find it difficult to find my things inside., maybe because of the much narrower opening compared to the overall size of the bag.

I think this bag is not really a mommy bag. I mean, it gets pretty painful to wear especially if loaded with too many things inside. Like my LV looping GM before, the handle really hurts, though it lessens over time. Anyways, since it retains its nice hobo shape even when empty, my verdict is that it is better as a mall or party bag.

Overall, it is still undoubtedly a pretty bag. However, if I had the choice, I would probably go for the delightful.

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Search for the Best BB Cream!

June 29th, 2012

Yes I am on the lookout for the best BB! I am trying to be on the safe side that's why I bought testers first. Here are the products I am hoping to try out - Missha Choboyang, Skinfood Mushroom BB, Skinfood Grapecell BB, Etudehouse Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB, and Innisfree Econatural BB. I tried out Missha Choboyang first- I assumed it was the best because it was the most expensive of the lot but unfortunately, for the first time in my life I had break outs! As for the rest, I will be updating soon!

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