Breast Pump Review: Precious Moments Single Electric Breastpump

This brand was my first ever breastpump purchase. Lesson learned– quality has a price. At Php1,600 in SM Hypermarket, it was the cheapest electric single pump I saw. The affordable price plus my pressing need prompted me to purchase the pump ASAP. This pump has two levels- slow and fast. What you do is just put the breast pump kit right on your breast and the machine will give one looooong pump, until you decide to stop by pressing a button at the back. You have the liberty of controlling this ‘magic’ button. The frequency of pressing this said button depends on how high or low your pain threshold is. I am not a whiny person but to my dismay, my experience with this pump has been agonizing. As a first timer, with no background in electric pumps, I endured every excruciating moment– thinking that it may just be like that for any pump. The pain was too much to bear compared to the very little quantity of breastmilk that I was yielding. These droplets of breastmilk added to my mounting frustration… I was thinking, how the hell can I go back to work if I cannot leave a decent volume of milk for my baby?
I was so disappointed with this pump that I could not even sell it or give it away, thinking that it would just cause suffering to another mommy out there.
I did what I felt was right after this experience– set this breastpump away and find another one in the market. This decision saved my breastfeeding career…;-)

** I am so unhappy with this pump that I could not even take a picture of it myself… so I just googled a similar item…**

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  1. Reena Marie P. Francisco says:

    hi…was so glad i read your review..i saw a similar pump for sale online..and i wondered about the cheap actually currently using an avent manual’s ok actually but lately, it seems it’s stressing my fingers (i had a problem with them before and it seems the constant pumping has made the problem come back).so im considering the idea of buying an electric pump..but one that is not so expensive, but will not let me go through the agonizing experience that you had..(hehe). so what brand saved your breastfeeding career? hehehe.. thanks..

    • tinokla says:

      hi Reena! My daughter is now 10 months and I’m still exclusively breastfeeding her… thanks to Unimom Forte. I used Unimom Allegro before but I later found out that it cannot cope with daily usage. When it broke down, I asked babymama if I could upgrade it to Forte and so she kindly said yes. For 7,500 Unimom Forte is the best choice I guess… it is hospital grade so it is ideal for heavy use (I pump 3 to 5 times a day). My sister got a Spectra 2 — a cheaper hospital grade pump (6,000) from babymama and she said it’s also very good for dual electric pumping. Those are my 2 best recommendations for you! Happy pumping and hurray for breastfeeding moms out there! ;-)

  2. ronie says:

    where can this be bought?

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