First Term Report Card Remarks/Comments (General)

My stats tell me that there is a growing demand for report card remarks/comments that serve as good references during assessment. I was able to salvage some of these in my laptop and thought of adding them to the list I made beforeā€¦ These are 1st term remarks that I made for my Nursery studentsā€¦

  • George easily grasps new ideas presented in class. He listens attentively and participates actively during discussions. He also appears to be inquisitive- often asking questions about things that interest him.
  • Shiela works on assigned tasks with minimal promptings. Her patience when working with table assignments indicates a sense of maturity for her age. She is encouraged to display the same demeanor when playing and conversing with peers.
  • JonJon is seen to be more confident to express his thoughts in school. He is now observed to initiate and sustain conversations with a few of his classmates and is starting to build relationships with them. He has also become quite participative in class as he readily answers simple questions.
  • Janey is starting to be more lax and comfortable in class. She now seeks other children during playtime activities and seems to enjoy mingling with them. Her growing confidence is also manifested in her willingness to participate in classroom discussions.
  • Marge enjoys being given duties and responsibilities. She often volunteers to do particular tasks but sometimes, gets upset if other children are called. She is, however, learning to be more patient.
  • Trish is gradually becoming independent- she now works on tasks by herself even with her caregiver around. She is encouraged to be on time when she comes to school so she can be fully adjusted to the classroom setting.
  • Rose is gradually building a good number of vocabulary presented in class. She can name familiar pictures and can associate them to their functions. She is, however, still urged to be more participative in many classroom tasks.

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