Remarks for Report Cards (Pre-Nursery Level)

After almost a month and a half with my students, I am now obliged to do an assessment of each one of them.  For me to fairly and accurately evaluate their performance, I sought feedbacks from their previous teacher.  Remarks writing for the pre-nursery level proved to be somehow difficult.  Another thing that complicated this task further is that I only spent little time with them.  Usually, a grading period requires at least three months of exposure.  That is why it is imperative that the grading process be done in consultation with the previous teacher.  Anyway, for those who would be handling and consequently grading pre-nursery students (with ages from 1 year and 6 months to 2 years and 11 months), here are some sample remarks that may be useful to supplement their grades.

Motor/Physical Development

Charlie is an energetic boy who enjoys opportunities for active play.  He can push a foot vehicle and walk while stepping over obstacles.  He is also observed to be fond of climbing on top of chairs and other elevated objects.

Eva is observed to interchangeably use her left and right hand when manipulating writing and coloring tools.  When it comes to table activities, she seems to be fond of tracing broken lines and connecting dots.  These activities contribute to the development of her eye-hand coordination.

Pauline manipulates small items with a well-developed pincer grasp.  She exhibits left hand dominance as she controls pencils and crayons.  She is also able to draw recognizable representations of a human figure and other objects.

Amber is steadily establishing hand preference when controlling fine-motor implements.  She colors and traces broken lines with age-appropriate ability.  She also actively engages in various forms of manipulative play.

Niko displays a normal level of motor activity for his age.  He can move from one play area to the next without prompting.  He walks, runs, and jumps with good ability.

Social and Emotional Development

When with other children, Hansen prefers to engage in solitary play.  He displays some form of interaction by getting his classmate’s toys and, sometimes, by gesturing his preference to the teacher.  He still needs to be guided for him to be able to make smooth transitions between classroom routines.

Though Marva still seeks the presence of her primary caregiver inside the classroom, she is beginning to accomplish different activities on her own.  She eats and packs up with occasional reminders.  However, she has yet to understand and appropriately respond to the word ‘no’ as she often insists on doing what she wants.

Charmaine can comfortably work and play alongside other children.  She responds appropriately to positive verbal encouragements and shows affection to familiar people around her.  However, she still tends to be easily distracted during concept teaching time.

Hannah now works on table assignments in an independent manner.  She is gradually developing self-confidence as she now rarely seeks the presence of her primary caregiver inside the classroom.

Brad is now able to make smooth transitions between classroom routines.  He can sustain his interest over play activities for fairly long periods of time.  However, he still tends to be easily distracted when accomplishing worksheets.

Cognitive Development

Danny is showing early signs of math readiness as he can grasp the concept of big/small and tall/short.  During playtime, he can appropriately sort toys and put them in their proper containers- an evidence of his emerging skills in classifying.

Ara communicates her needs and preferences through gestures and simple phrases.  She can also verbally identify a good number of objects with clarity.

Patrice shows adequate concept formation skills.  She can identify colors and associate them with objects.  She is receptive to sound and visual stimuli- explaining her interest for songs and books.

Melody shows an understanding of whole to part relationships as she completes a 6-piece puzzle with minimal assistance.  She can also recognize her classmates’ names in print- an evidence of emerging pre-reading skills.

Jimmy is starting to show signs of math readiness as he can compare and identify objects that are big/small and long/short.  He can also associate numerals 1 to 3 to their corresponding number of objects- indicating an emerging sense of quantity.

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